The veiled icon

A few years ago on a day trip to Tarpon Springs icon-closedwith Melanie, I picked up a small icon triptych at one of the shops there. There is a central image with two hinged panels on either side that can be closed over and cover the central image. This is done during the season of Lent, as a sort of “fast” from the icon during that time. This triptych stands on a table by my bed.

As I learned more about the history of the Christian church I came to appreciate the non-verbal testimony such traditional works of art contributed. The rest of the year, icons of various saints are a reminder that we have their intercessions and examples to support us. Covering them during Lent is a way of underlining the time of repentance and self-sacrifice we are called to as we approach Easter. For the same reason, the crucifix carried in procession at the worship services is covered with a veil during Lent.

A side note: The picture above is the first one I have taken with my camera since I had the stroke. The last pictures I had taken, one week before that, were of Melanie being awarded the Judges’ Prize at a church food fair. Since the stroke my hands are too shaky to hold the camera safely. I don’t get out of the house much and, when I do move around, my hands are needed to grip the handles of a walker to keep from toppling over. When I pulled out my camera today the battery was dead and needed to be recharged.

Just as well that my icon saints had their eyes covered. My season of fasting continues.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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