What a day brings

You never know what a day will bring.

Two years ago this date came on a Thursday. It turned out to be my last day at my job at church. That morning I printed up the service bulletins for the bishop’s visit that coming Sunday. I never made it to that service.

I told Laura I wasn’t feeling well and intended to not come back to the office after lunch. I drove home. That was the last time I got behind the wheel of our van.

The next day was Halloween. I had a doctor’s visit scheduled first thing in  the morning. I sat down in our living room to wait for Melanie to be ready to go. I discovered I couldn’t get up again. She dug out a cane for me to use since I couldn’t walk to the van without help.

At the doctor’s office the visit stretched out all morning as they took blood pressure readings over and over. The doctor said he didn’t dare let me go home. An ambulance came to take me to the E.R.

I had my last normal supper that night in a hospital bed. The stroke hit shortly before midnight.

We haven’t talked about it much, but I shudder most thinking about what that day and the endless night was like for Melanie. You never know what a day will bring.

In the two years since then my attention has been drawn over and over to the days that have overtaken others we know. You never know.

I’ve noticed that many songs and Bible verses sound different to me now. Romans 8:28, for instance. Not that I don’t believe what it says. I just don’t – can’t – nod my head as casually as I once did.

There are many things I thought I knew that I’ve needed to take a second look at. I’m coming to the conclusion that there are some things you can never know.

At least, in this life.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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One Response to What a day brings

  1. Jay Geary says:

    You pierce my heart and open my eyes, my friend. Prayers for you and Melanie always.
    God’s peace,

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