Mealtime devotions

I have been practising eating all my nutrition by mouth this summer. Melanie could pour the nutrition into my stomach tube in 15 minutes. Trying to swallow it with my still sluggish tongue and throat takes about an hour. During that time we turn on various teaching programs from web pages. On Sundays this means hearing the new weekly sermon from Joel Osteen.

When we got up this Sunday, I heard Melanie crying out in pain as she went down the hallway to the kitchen. She had a bad pinch in her hip joint. I prayed immediately but figured we would not be able to get out to church. Melanie limped, trying to work out the pain, as she put my breakfast on the table. I sat down and she turned on her smartphone, searching for a link to Joel’s page.

He always begins with a joke. The thought flashed across my mind, I am about to laugh and then I’ll hear an encouragement from the Bible.

The lesson we heard is here. As Joel announced his topic, I froze. It was going to be an extremely timely word for Melanie and me. I had Melanie play it again a second time when it ended. I finished my breakfast as the second playing concluded.

There are several other sources we listen to during the week, since I have lots of time at the table. I thought I would list them here for my readers who may also have lots of time on their hands. These people encourage us and help keep us focused on Jesus through the long hours.

Lately we have been watching a conference series from 1985 featuring John Wimber. John was a major influence on me back in the day. It has been a great refresher to revisit these talks. John believed in teaching and then doing. This conference includes several clinic sessions where people actually prayed for healing after being taught about it.

Jamie Buckingham was a pastor in Melbourne, Florida, who wrote a number of books and was invited to speak around the world. One of my favorite memories from my radio days was an interview I got to do with him. Both Jamie and John have gone to Heaven now but it’s great to still hear and see them in video.

Jack Hayford was a pastor in California. For years he did a daily radio broadcast drawn from his sermons. These can still be heard at his web page. There are also some videos.

A wonderful current teacher we’ve come to respect is Robert Barron. He was named an auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles last year. He has been posting videos short and long at his ministry web page Word On Fire. A weekly podcast is here. He comments on Scripture and culture with great insight.

Ravi Zacharias posts his radio program at his web page. Melanie also likes to read the columns by Jill Carratini and others on Ravi’s staff at their Slice of Infinity page.

Every morning we listen in to the devotional meditation produced by Jesuits in England called Pray As You Go. This is one of the links you’ll find at the side of this blog. Melanie also reads us the Daily Office entries from Sacred Space and the contemporary Divine Hours listed at the side.

We tune in other pages from time to time, since we now have the time to listen. Drop me a line if you have a recommendation.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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