Praying for direction

A friend has taken a new job out of state. His family has already moved. He dropped by our house to say goodbye before he rode away on his motorcycle.

The talk turned to the subject of hearing clear directions from the Lord. Our friend had hoped to find work in Atlanta. Instead, he got an interview in Knoxville. He and his wife had prayed about whether he should accept the job that was offered there.

John went to have lunch with a friend in Hardee county. John told his friend how he was praying and asking the Lord to confirm the decision to go to Knoxville.

A car parked on the street by the cafe window where they were seated. John looked at the car and then looked again at the license plate. It was from Tennessee, marked with the name of the county next to Knoxville.

“There’s your answer,” John’s friend chuckled.

Back home again, John and his wife walked out of their church at the end of a Sunday service. They had just gotten in their car when John’s wife said, “Look!” She pointed at the car parked in front of them. In the car’s window was a decal for the University of Tennessee.

“It’s confirmation!” she said.

John laughed and told her about the license plate he had seen earlier in the week while having lunch with his friend. “I want God to speak loud and clear to me before I accept these signs,” he told her.

The car parked in front of them started up and pulled away. Now the lower bumper on the car became visible. It held a bumper sticker. It said: You heard me.

As I said, our friend is moving to Knoxville.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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