Kingdom parables

Late last night I uploaded my latest book for E-book KPsmall250distribution at I wanted to have it available for Pentecost this weekend. One way of understanding the day of Pentecost is as a fulfillment of what Jesus had been saying from the beginning of his ministry. “The Kingdom of Heaven is near.” My book is a review of what Jesus told us about that Kingdom through the parables.

The parables both revealed Kingdom principles and confused the disciples. I found myself gaining some different understanding as I thought about them. I hope you will find the same thing happening for you as you read.

And towards that goal, I want to give away free copies of the E-book  as a Pentecost gift to you.

When you order this week from Smashwords,com, you can enter the special coupon code SC49G and download your copy at no charge. I expect to make paper copies of the book available soon but E-books are the quickest way for me to start. Please check out the link!

As always, you can also read a long free sample from all my books listed at Smashwords. I have made it a practice to publish first chapters from my books here at my blog. But you can read a longer sample at Smashwords any time.

The sample includes the dedication page from the book. Be sure and take a moment to look a that page. There are two special sisters who have been praying for me the past year and a half. I’ve dedicated Kingdom Parables to them.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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