I want to share some more about our short vacation last week.

We were guests in a house being remodeled on Anna Maria Island. The remodeling work so far was mostly on the outside. Melanie had gotten assurance from our friends that there was a bed in the bedroom and a working bathroom and refrigerator. She said that was all we needed.

When we first moved to Florida, our friend Gary DeHaan lived in nearby Bradenton Beach. AMI has been our favorite day trip and vacation destination ever since. Gary was once Andrae Ceouch’s manager. Later he used to travel to churches all over the country himself, singing. (I helped his team mate Kenny Frontz publish a memoir of their ministry.) When I got my laptop fired up, I began playing some of Gary’s old recordings that I had loaded.

This was fine until the work crew started cutting the cement floor in the garage, to put in pipes for a new bathroom. That was  noisy. But we were at the beach. We considered it a trade off.

I went to work on my book on the parables Jesus KPsmall250taught about the Kingdom of Heaven. I had already created a cover for it with a big shell and pearl laying on the beach.

Now the Lord began to give me ideas about redoing the cover so it would fit with two other books I had already published. In both of them I had drawn on ancient icon images of Christ holding things related to the book theme. What if I did that again, showing Jesus holding the shell and pearl?

I had to wait until I got back home where I could use the graphics program on my desktop to do the new version.

Meanwhile, Melanie had discovered a blueprint showing all the changes our friends wanted for this vacation home. Melanie loves this kind of stuff. She bent over the blueprint, reading numbers and fine print. Then she would point around the room, telling me all the changes that were planned.

The weather had turned windy, rainy and cold. The house was sturdy and the furnace kept us warm. But the wind kept blowing against palm fronds and rattled windows all night. It was kind of fun, for a change, but clearly not what one would want permanently.

I began to pay closer attention to the changes Melanie was finding in the blueprint. As nice as the house was (and it was a very nice as a vacation get away for us) the plans were to make it GREAT. The future would be much better than what was visible now.

I was working on a study of parables and there I was, surrounded by one. It was a wonderful vacation treat. Almost like it was planned.

About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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