Next book

When I finished my most recent book I was glad I had another project to work on right away. Otherwise, with only physical exercises to take up my time while home bound, I was afraid I might go crazy. Then I remembered I had accepted an assignment to write another set of devotionals that are scheduled to appear in The Journey in the summer of 2017. (Incidentally, if you need a Christmas gift idea, why not send someone a subscription? My commentary on the Gospel of Mark will be appearing in the 2016 issues.)

I am now one third of the way through my assignment to write about the parables Jesus taught. Already, reading them together, one after another, has changed my perception about them.

One of the main points that has struck me is the realization that when Jesus describes the Kingdom of Heaven in these parables, he’s talking about how it looks from God’s point of view.

And that has caused me to take a second look at all the parables that involve searches for treasures, or pearls, or missing sheep. I had always thought Jesus was describing the way each of us should seek after God. But the shepherd who goes searching for the one lamb missing from the flock is clearly a portrayal of God. The missing sheep is us. We are the treasure, as seen in God’s eyes, that He is willing to pay a top price for and make an effort to save.

I know I’m probably slow to catch on to this. And I don’t have enough space within the word limit of the daily devotionals to unfold all that I am seeing. So when I’ve completed the assignment I think I’m going to go back and write an extended study.

I think it’s my next book.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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One Response to Next book

  1. Sharon Thompson says:

    Enjoy reading your post. Really proud of your progress. Love to you both.

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