Thursday while Melanie celebrated Thanksgiving around the dinner table with my mom, I worked on formatting my new book. The format for ebooks and paper printed books is different, so I was going over the entire book making the changes for the different editions. The ebook should begin to appear at various online services over the next several days. The print version will follow soon afterwards, and both in time for Christmas I hope!

Thanksgiving Day I wrote the book dedication before uploading the book to the distributors. I had decided it was time I thanked Melanie, especially after the way I have turned her world upside down this past year. My book takes a closer look at each of the Ten Commandments. Then I look at the three times Jesus summed them up for us. His final “new commandment” hit me more powerfully than ever after I had spent so much time thinking about the Commandments that had already been delivered to us. I realized that my dear wife of 41 years had been obeying that “new commandment” to my benefit for a long time.

Thinking about her and about us this past year got me thinking of other couples who have been added to our prayer list who are also sharing a similar stressful journey: Colin and Diane, Rob and Janice, JR and Becky, John and Karen, Al and Melissa, Fred and Dona, Pat and Ellie… Some others have already seen their spouse finish the journey this year. The last mile is the hardest for many of us. Melanie and I have been so grateful for the prayers offered for us. Each day we pray for these and others on our list. We have learned how important and welcome that is.

We also know many who are single and face their challenges without an intercessor close by, except for Jesus. Their names get lifted up by us, all the while reinforcing my gratitude toward the Lord that he prepared and provided Melanie to share my days close by. I cannot stand to even think how bleak my days would be without her.

So I’ve dedicated the book to her. It is often observed by writers that books can stay around forever. I may not have that many readers discover or need what I have written but I am glad each one who picks up a copy will see my note of thanksgiving for my wife right at the front.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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2 Responses to Dedication

  1. lucy sands says:

    Dear Rick,  I look forward to buying your book.  You remain in my prayers as do Melanie and also Elva. 

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