How can you grow in your faith and commitment to the call God has placed on your life, even amid trying circumstances? Walk closely with someone else in life who has suffered and endured much hardship, but whose faith has remained unshaken and whose depth of commitment has become even stronger. – Ravi Zacharias

I last wrote here just before going in for surgery last month for a bowel resection to remove a foot-long piece of my colon after discovery of a cancerous polyp. Complications sent me back to the hospital twice more after that. I ended up spending 25 days total in the hospital. If I manage to stay home through tomorrow it will be the longest time in a row I’ve been able to sleep in my own bed in a month. Thank you for your prayers and especially your prayers and care for Melanie.

She found the quote from Ravi this morning and it got me thinking about particular ones who have been praying for us. All of them carry wounds and have experienced seasons of darkness and brokenness themselves. I had begun to wonder at that odd coincidental fact until I read Ravi’s observation. Now I am thinking it’s no accident. It is fruit born of the seeds that fell to the ground before I knew I might come to have need of it.

I have suspected this might be part of the Lord’s purpose for me in the days ahead. Meanwhile, I have wanted to thank those whose prayers for us have been soaked in the compassion born of experience in their own lives. Those saints have been especially precious to us while we continue to press through the valley of shadows.

Lord Jesus, thank you for Your presence and the company of Your servants on the journey.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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4 Responses to Resuming…

  1. Deacon Rick, good to see you blogging! Thanks for the beautiful words, and we are praying for your peace and tranquility AT HOME in the days to follow. 🙏🏻

  2. Nancy M says:

    The sun came up this morning and God has blessed us with another day to love and serve Him and to love and care for one another. Praying you never have to spend a night away unless it is your choice to do so! Love my and the Mel!

  3. Jay Geary says:

    By God’s grace we are privileged and blessed to stand with you and Melanie. Happy to see (and read) your blog again. Strength, my brother, in the Name of our Savior!
    – Jay

  4. Ed Headington says:

    It is just wonderful to hear that our prayers have been answered, Rick. We just wish we could be back home so that we could do more for you and Melanie than just pray.

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