Friday the therapist had me walk around the gym three times, the third time with a cane in hand. He always kept one or two hands on my back, gripping the belt around my chest. My slowest pace was with the cane !? His explanation was the cane was something extra for my brain to have to think about. What a complicated piece of wiring it is under our skulls. I got tired then and get tired now remembering it.

On the second exercise he had me start by folding my hands together. I thought we were going to pray. I did pray, but that was not his purpose. More a way to keep my arms still, and me not grabbing anything for support while I bent my knees. Made me all the more sure I should pray.

Another therapist who had read my last blog where I talked about his tattoo came up and shook my hand. He had read it to his family. One of his supervisors wants to reprint it in the staff newsletter. Another opportunity to encourage people that God has brought to pass out of this horrific episode. The potter using his freedom to shape the clay as he wills.

The other day an author friend had sent a link to a review of one of her books. The reviewer said they read the book twice. First time for the story, second time for the enjoyment of my author friend’s writing. I cheered loudly for her! What a great compliment!

Then I got one of my own, from the editor of the daily devotional currently running a series I wrote for them nearly two years ago. The editor said the same thing. He had enjoyed reading the manuscript I submitted, and now he and his wife were enjoying reading it again as part of their daily devotional reading. Thank you, Lord, for that positive feedback.

Melanie writes a journal entry nearly every day at Facebook about our recovery track in life just now. Today a friend had posted a thanks to her, saying they looked forward to reading the latest every day from Melanie. Melanie told me of the long-time health issues this friend has endured. We shook our heads again at the realization that God is able to use us while we still feel tangled up in this… unfinished episode.

Incidentally, I felt slapped in the face again reading the devotional prayer I wrote two years ago that showed up today:

Lord, help me to become an instrument for your purposes, not my own.

Time to fold my hands and bend my knees some more.

About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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