Front and back

When I became a deacon one of the things I got to do was sit way up front beside the altar at church. It’s a beautiful sanctuary filled with wonderful stained glass windows. That seat gave me a great view of them. Also from my seat I could see the faces of the people seated near and far throughout the nave. It was an easy thing to recognize who was there.

Now that I’ve recovered enough to be able to attend the Sunday service again, I sit on the back row and see nothing but the backs of people’s heads

I’ve moved from the “top left” diagonally across the room to the “lower right,” exactly opposite where I once sat.

I choose to sit back there in case I’ll need to leave suddenly or have any kind of problem. I don’t wish to be a distraction from the worship. I am blessed that I get to sit with Melanie again (even though she would prefer sitting much closer to the front like she used to). The service is the same but it looks different.

Today during the service I thought about my change in viewpoint, from front to back. I thought about what Jesus said, about who would be first and who would be last. And when we got home I listened to a Joel Osteen message about not wasting the pains God allows to come our way, but to see them as part of His preparation for the next season of ministry and service in God’s Kingdom. I thought about the people who could not attend the church service at all because they’re in the hospital or otherwise hindered from traveling. I expect my future will include more time spent visiting with those folks, to encourage them and pray with them, to bring the fellowship of the church family to them.

No matter where I am in line, there’s someone behind me that I can turn to and serve by sharing what I have received. That’s the only way my being there at church can be a blessing to someone else.



About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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One Response to Front and back

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Thanks, Rick. Very thought provoking.

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