Eight months and tears

Today marks eight months since the stroke struck (Friday night, October 31st, Halloween).

At our morning devotions I read one drawn from Romans 8:

Sometimes when listening to world events and the pain happening to people we know and love we may find ourselves groaning.

My first tears of the day started then. I thought of the prayer list of friends we pray for and the pain they face each day. I read on…

 …things are not the way they should be, not yet the way they will be… Your sufferings may be truly great and difficult. But hang in there. If you are trusting in Christ, the glory to come will far outweigh your present suffering. This is cause for hope.

And there was a closing prayer:

Holy Father, give us grace to trust You for future glory in the midst of present pain. (This came from The Journey. I have written the series that will appear during August.)

We departed for my therapy rehab sessions. I was feeling a bit light-headed so they checked my blood pressure there before the first session. The numbers seemed okay. One of the second round of therapists that morning asked what we had planned for the weekend. I told them a friend would be picking up Melanie on Saturday to take her to a friend’s birthday party. The tears came again. I told the therapists that Melanie had been crying over the kitchen sink that week, brokenhearted at my condition. I was glad she had the invitation to go out.

When Melanie and I got in the car to leave she sat quietly for a long moment at the steering wheel, her eyes shut. I finally asked if she was okay.

“Heart trouble,” she said, sadly. Tears came to my eyes again.

At lunch she shared one of her French fries and chicken nuggets with me. I swallowed a little and violently choked on the rest. I was glad no one else was there to watch. I was sorry Melanie had to watch. I thanked her for choosing to put up with it.

“I want to be with you,” she said.

Holy Father, give us grace to trust You for future glory in the midst of present pain.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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2 Responses to Eight months and tears

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  2. lucy sands says:

    Dear Rick, I’ve been catching up with your several writings and so appreciate your sharing your feelings. The frustrations, some encouragements, the difficulties trying to swallow anything, the 8 months that have gone by, your dear Melanie’s struggles also, and now your tears. Could they be tears of healing? You stay in my prayers daily.  May you receive some extra blessings this day.  Love, Aunt Lucy

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