Shoe story

I’m writing further about the photo Melanie posted showing her new shoes at her Facebook page.

For years Melanie’s feet have hurt. By day’s end she is suffering from old injuries to them. She takes pain killers nearly every night seeking enough relief that she can fall asleep. I’ve  prayed often for her healing on this.

Last Thursday, one of the therapists who still visits me at home chatted with Melanie as she wrapped up the session. She encouraged Melanie to get out of the house when she needed to. “Rick is not going to fall,” she said with assurance. We were glad to take her optimism. Melanie decided she would leave me at the house and go shopping. She needed some new shoes.

She found a new brand (to us) called Telic and bought a pair. She said they were flip flops with an arch and very comfortable.

The next day she announced that she had been puzzled the night before as she went to bed. Something was different. It took her a moment before she realized that the change was in her feet. They weren’t hurting.

She went online and ordered two more pairs of shoes like the first.

And I have been thanking the Lord for answering a long time prayer of ours. Thank you for bringing her this solution, Jesus! I am very grateful and want to say so!


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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