New books

I have a file sitting on my computer. It is dated from over a year ago, May 7 of 2014. It was my initial effort to start writing my next book, to be called Thirteen Commandments.

I taught a series with this title at my church awhile ago. I had people asking when I would teach it again because they couldn’t attend the classes that first time. But there never was a repeat visit. I decided to turn my notes into my next book last year but then other surprises got in the way.

Lately I was praying about the direction the Lord was taking our lives and I found my thoughts turning back to this short-circuited book. It turns out that last year I got so far as to write the introduction and a start on the first chapter. So I have a running start on the re-start.

Then there is the second book I had planned, based on my notes for a Prayer Lab class I also taught awhile back at church. I had one chance to teach a diocesan ICS class of diaconal students with this material. But the stroke ended my plan to continue that class earlier this year. So I want to write it out and publish it for those who might find it useful.

And Melanie and I have informal plans to write an account of this stroke chapter of our lives, just as soon as we know how the story will end. If nothing else, I have new material for that book on prayer!

Melanie has some books to be written, too, but taking care of me has taken over most of the hours of her days right now.

Thank you for your prayers for us both. When you lift up our names for healing, please also ask for us to have clear minds and clear schedules to write these books! We want to be able to share what the Lord teaches us.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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