Just warning you right up front: this will likely be a boring post. It’s about what I ate today. The only thing that might make it interesting is that I am eating at all.

One week ago the Lord stirred the thought in my mind that it would be nice to try one of the potato hash rounds Melanie got for breakfast at the Hardee’s drive-up window after church. In the week that followed I have tried a hash brown potato cake from Arby’s, pretzels and guacamole, and corned beef hash and scrambled egg. It didn’t go perfectly well at first. There was plenty of dramatic noise from coughing and choking. The stroke has left me with weakened swallow muscles and reflexes. I’m trying to regain that lost ground.

Today after church Melanie returned to Hardee’s for another breakfast and some potato hash rounds. Once home, she put them and the left-over corned beef hash and scrambled eggs before me with some ice chips and thickened water, and some apple sauce.

It took me a full hour but I ate two hash rounds, ten small bites of corned beef hash, and some apple sauce. I would guess the total amount of food came to two teaspoons worth. This is very slow going. But there was no coughing or choking this time.

In the evening Melanie laid out pretzels and guacamole, and shaved ice watermelon juice, mashed banana, and apple sauce. The guacamole seemed a bit thick and hard to swallow so she mixed in some lemon juice to thin it a bit. I managed a single pretzel in several small bites. After 45 minutes I pushed away from the table, with only a couple of near choke episodes. It is hard for me to go slow and pace myself. But I am unable to do two swallows quickly in a row. I must take my time. And the food sticks around in my throat for awhile (minutes) before finally going down all the way. I must be careful.

The very best part of all is Melanie’s company for supper for a whole hour. 🙂

I know. Food talk is boring. I won’t do it again, probably, unless there’s another milestone to mention. I want to keep your interest. Just remember to keep praying for my recovery.

And thank you, Lord, for my daily bread.

About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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One Response to Mealtime

  1. Ed Headington says:

    We didn’t find it boring at all, Rick. In fact I would say that is exciting!!!!! See ya tomorrow PM!
    – Ed

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