Listening in our circumstances

I’m borrowing one of Melanie’s book titles for this.

Sunday morning I once again took Holy Communion but it didn’t go well. Swallowing anything is still a tricky thing for me. So I was choking and coughing while the congregation sang the recessional hymn. I left church feeling low.

On our way home, Melanie decided to get breakfast at Hardee’s. This was always one of my favorite choices for breakfast on the road. Of course, I haven’t and can’t eat anything like that just now. I deliberately turn my thoughts elsewhere when those around me are enjoying their meals. Which makes what happened next odd.

For the first time in all these months, I found the train of thought going through my mind maybe you could take a small bite of potato? Hardees serves some fine tater tots at breakfast time and they were one reason I always liked going there.

I was busy shutting down this tempting idea, even as I thought it was a real possibility that I could manage a small bite from a tater tot. I even had started a mental conversation with the Lord. “Are You telling me it’s okay to try one? I know eventually I’ll start somewhere beyond apple sauce and ice chips. Is today the day?”

I didn’t have time to listen for an answer. As she pulled away from the drive-up window and onto the street, Melanie spoke and asked me, “Do you want to try a potato?”

It was too startling for me. I shook my head. But I can’t help but wonder. And I’m certainly in the mood to try next time. Thanks for offering, Lord.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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One Response to Listening in our circumstances

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Yup!!! Pretty courageous after the episode with Communion. Probably should listen to our Lord though!!!! – Ed

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