Notes on Publication Day

Saturday, May 9th, became a long day for me on the computer and on the internet. That was the day we were finally ready to upload Melanie’s two romance novels to the distributors we use. We are part of the wave of “independent authors” that are changing the book publishing industry. The internet has made it possible for writers to reach their readers without the intervening help (or hindrance) of the traditional publishing companies. So that’s what we’re doing.

But doing it all yourself means taking all the time it takes to do it yourself. And, as I said, it turned into an all-day job to finish actually uploading the book files and cover art so readers could find them.

Not to read too much into events, but I did notice some unusual problems as the day went on, starting with spilling my glass ice bowl all over the floor at breakfast. Never did that before. It happened now because my left hand is still somewhat out of control. It went farther than I intended for something and the ice chips went flying. My balance sensitivity isn’t working so I couldn’t clean up the mess. Melanie, who started the day tired, got extra work. How romantic. Not. Sigh.

She wanted to watch and learn as I uploaded the book files but couldn’t stay awake for it (It’s not too exciting a task, with lots of detail to think about). She left to take her first nap.

She missed watching me misspell the title of one of her books for the company that would print paperback copies. If you ever got one of the books it would look fine but to find it to begin with you would need to make the same spelling error my erratic left hand made, spelling “Dawn” with two W’s. I only noticed as I had completely finished the uploading steps. The only solution was to start over from scratch and make sure I was identifying the book title correctly for the search engines.

Not to give the devil unnecessary credit, but I did wonder if he was unhappy that we were putting out two romance novels where everyone keeps all their clothes on. Or, again, maybe it was just the damage to my body from the stroke making things difficult for me.

On the modest plus side, the E-book distributor recorded over 50 visitors checking out the new books immediately after they went on display. This was before we made any official announcements to friends on Facebook or at our blogs. The page visits have fallen back after the flurry of attention while they were still on the “front page” of the site which shows a continuous ticker tape of the most recent entries. From here the publicity effort comes back in our lap.

There were four sales within hours including a couple from Amazon, with an additional Amazon sale on Sunday. This is better than the response we saw to our straight Bible study themed books. A modest response, but exciting for a first-time ever writer in this field of fiction. It suggested to us that, yes, indeed, there really are readers out there looking for new romance fiction.

So we’ll be back.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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