Six months and counting

Six months ago tonight, Halloween night 2014, at near midnight, I had the stroke that nearly killed me.

I didn’t learn it was that bad until some time later. What I knew from the first seconds was that I could not swallow. In a week they had added a pipe straight to my stomach so I could be fed. Melanie continues to feed me that way four times a day.

I had my six month doctor’s visit today. Melanie especially wanted to discuss making changes to my prescription medicines. She has studied them more closely as the weeks went by and was concluding that some might no longer be necessary, or necessary at the dosage level I had been given at the hospitals. We had begun the day asking the Lord to direct us in this matter and the doctor ended up agreeing with her requests.

This detail made me realize an additional reason for “advice that contradicts other advice,” a subject in my last post on “Voices.”

Sometimes the advice changes because I have changed. Some of the initial readings that doctors found in the early hours of this stroke were scary. Blood pressures, blood sugar and other arcane numbers were far from the accepted safe parameters. But these have all returned to normal levels and have stayed put for weeks. The side effects of the prescriptions meant to fix them were now outweighing any presumed benefits. My condition had changed. It was time to change the prescriptions. It would be silly, if not harmful, to act as if nothing had changed.

Prayer warriors, take note of the answers God is giving in response to your intercession. And keep praying. I was often told I would see the most changes in the first six months. We’ve seen some. But…

I haven’t seen enough. I’m still asking, seeking, knocking on Jesus’ door for a complete healing and restoration. Thank you for keeping me on your prayer lists.

Thy will be done, Heavenly Father. But I know You can do anything.

This – please – in Jesus’ Name.



About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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2 Responses to Six months and counting

  1. Father Edward says:

    Dear brother, Rick,

    You continue in our daily prayers for your complete recovery and total re-integration.

    Speaking also as a Neurologist and one is well familiar with your experience, keep up the rehabilitation effort. You will recover more than that which you have currently experienced.

    Pax et bonum,


  2. lucy sands says:

    Dear Rick and Melanie also, This report seems positive and may the prescription changes result in your continued healing, Rick. You remain in my prayers daily.  Both of you do.  Yesterday at our church Bible study as well as in our Sunday church prayer list, you are always remembered. Love, Aunt Lucy

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