Author and Finisher (and Editor)

I am cuurrently wortking on MNerlani’s romance novel manuscri[t.

Let me try that again: I am currently working on Melanie’s romance novel manuscript. (The first line of this blog is the way that sentence first came out from my fingers.)

The stroke has also affected the fine motor skills in my hands so, although I can still touch type, it is much slower and with many errors that themselves need correction and clean-up. It is like I take one step forward and two sideways. Such progress tends to look more crooked than not. I’m not always sure I’ve really helped things by working on Melanie’s original draft.

Naturally, a spiritual analogy occurs to me. It is normal for books (or most writing headed for publication) to be worked over, rewritten, or otherwise edited before being released. It seems to me the same thing is happening with our spiritual lives. The Author invites us to correct and adjust the details with Him. We participate in the editing. But if our editing is clumsy or careless it makes it harder for others to “get” what the Author is trying to say through us.

Are those mangled sentences what the Author wrote…? Or are they just the result of my own “improvements”? Will God still want to claim any credit for His work after it has come through my hands??

This gets tricky when I don’t even understand what the Author was trying to say to begin with. Effective editing requires some level of understanding what the Author meant. I don’t always have that about my own story. Some of the significance may only become apparent to me later, after it has long been clear to everyone else.

And about Melanie’s first romance novels – I’m enjoying them! I had been working on them so they could be out by last Christmas but the stroke delayed and rewrote everything in our lives. We hope to get them published soon. Watch for announcements.



About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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