God’s birthday cakes

A few days back I shared the story of a friend who took a birthday cake and other party treats to his son’s birthday party. Read that here if you have not yet seen it (and it is showing one of the higher viewership numbers I’ve seen at this blog). Melanie’s sister Renee also wrote reflections on this party and got even more viewers at her blog.

That illustrates something I’ve been pondering since my friend told me the story. I could see a number of spiritual lessons in that real-life parable. It has gotten to the point that I think “birthday cake” may become a new symbol in my vocabulary.

My friend has been astonished at the reactions the story has received. For him, the decisions he made were well settled. He has come to terms with the situation he faces with his son. The unexpected wave of attention from others is humbling to him.

The honor inherent in the response of those who have heard the story is God’s birthday cake to him. He also takes joy in knowing that, although there is no way for his son to presently understand how God used him to be a blessing to others, it is so.

The honor of being one of those able to share his story is God’s birthday cake to me.

Our lives are probably full of them, almost littered with them: the sunrise, the songs of the morning birds, on and on. We rejoice and are glad in the day the Lord has made. It’s a birthday cake He has made for us to enjoy and share. And He is close by, watching as we enjoy the gift.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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3 Responses to God’s birthday cakes

  1. Jay Geary says:

    I continue to be humbled and blessed by your beautiful and Holy Spirit-inspired reflections. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, my friend!


  2. Ed Headington says:

    I guess that means you were our birthday cake this afternoon, Rick!!

  3. lucy sands says:

    Dear Rick,  Thank you so much for these birthday cake writings. Now I can visualize God’s birthday cakes on a personal level that brings joy and encouragement daily.   Love, Aunt Lucy

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