Learning Curves

It took me a long time – several years – to learn to sit quietly in church. Thanks to the close attention of my parents I did learn eventually what was good for me to sit still. I didn’t really understand why it was supposed to be good for me until MANY years later.  For a long time all I got was reminders of what behavior was expected and no real explanations beyond “if you know what’s good for you.”

These memories came to mind the other day as I was praying and discussing with God why He hadn’t healed me yet. I started to wonder if it was another case of, “First you need to learn to sit still.” It’s hard to learn the songs – much  less sing in the choir – if you haven’t learned to sit still and pay attention first. Ditto for gaining any understanding of any messages in the thousand pages of That Book in the pew rack. Some learning curves are just going to be long. It is unlikely that I’ll understand the purpose or benefits right away. I even doubt that it is possible to really explain the benefits in any way that I could understand at first. Not only can I not see the Big Picture, I wouldn’t comprehend it – or value it.

But the Big Picture is there. God The Creator sees it and it makes sense to Him. Even if I can’t see it. Even while I can’t see it. That time will come. (And, yes, that is a Faith statement.)

Meanwhile, I need to learn how to sit still. Again.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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