Unexpected features

Last night we were guests at the home of our friends, Kyle and Jesse. They told us they wanted to host a book-signing party for us at their home and invite their local family and friends. They spread a buffet for everybody to add to the motivation. We got to spend an evening meeting new folks and talking about everything in our lives. Even about the books Melanie and I have been publishing. We offered free autographs to anyone who wanted a book and we handed out cards showing where e-book editions could be found online (still haven’t figure out how to autograph those).

We were all having so much fun I almost forgot to stop and have our picture taken.

kyle_rick_melanie_jesseIt never crossed my mind that this might be one of the consequences of getting up in the middle of the night to write down what the Lord was stirring in our hearts. But one obvious conclusion is that, the way the Lord works, he gives all kinds of assignments to us in his Kingdom and no one has to do it all. Melanie and I wrote out our manuscripts and prepared the books for publication and said, “Now what?” Our friends stepped up and said, “This!” It’s very much like evangelism. “Hey, I want to tell you about this Friend I’ve met.” And your friends get to know your Friend.

Maybe this is evangelism. Introducing friends to your friends. Maybe it’s really Jesus setting up all the introductions in his Kingdom, so the work to be done can start getting done.

Early in the evening Kyle told me about a conversation he once had with a minister. The minister had been surprised to hear about Kyle having lunch with some friends at a sports bar famous for their attractive waitresses. Not necessarily Kyle’s first choice of location but he wanted to be able to spend some time with his friends. (In addition to the waitresses the place had good food, too.)

Before this book-signing party at Kyle’s home was over, I found myself talking with another fellow who serves on his church’s leadership councils. This man had lately found himself the acting owner of a downtown bar. It wasn’t his first choice of businesses to run but, now while he had to run it, he had started thinking of how he might use it as a location for a Monday night Bible study for people who didn’t go to church on Sunday. And within a few seconds I had realized I knew a local pastor who might be perfect to lead it. I’m going to introduce them. I’m curious to see what will happen.

It’s another unexpected feature coming out of being an author. Not that this is such a new idea. I’ve been reading about churches hosting “Beer and Bible” events in bars around the country. It’s something about being willing to go to the people where they are and being friendly, so you can have a chance to introduce them to Another Friend.

I signed a book for my new friend and told him his name should be Andrew and he should be a deacon.

You never know who you’ll meet at a book-signing party.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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