Daily Devotionals for The Journey 1

The Journey is a daily devotional published by the Bible Reading Fellowship in Winter Park, Florida. I have enjoyed reading their daily devotionals for several years and recommend them to you. And that was even before they invited me to contribute to their publication!

In their current issue they are setting aside two months in order to do a “Bible book review.” Every day is taken from a different book of the Bible. I was invited to write about Judges, Ruth, I and II Samuel and I and II Kings. For the next week I will post my daily contributions but be sure to subscribe to The Journey yourself (or recommend it to your church) as a regular devotional resource.

Read: Judges 6:1-24

The historical books from Judges through Chronicles can be seen as a study of how God tries to reestablish the relationship lost by Adam and Eve’s disobedience in Eden.

After the free people of Israel have settled in the Promised Land, the military leadership of Moses and Joshua seems no longer needed. Ditto for any serious attention to God. The Book of Judges shows how the people quickly relaxed into lives of selfish indulgence. When new military enemies return to steal back the land, God raises up Judges to interpret the situation and remind the people of their duty to the God who delivered them initially.

The first Judge described at length is Gideon in chapter 6. He has heard of Israel’s glory days. When the Angel of the Lord appears to him, Gideon complains, “Where are all his wonders that our fathers told us about…?” (6:13) The Lord replies, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel… Am I not sending you?” (6:14)

God’s promises are still there for us now. But as with Gideon, God means for us to take a first step and demonstrate our trust in Him before He takes us further. His Word offers real hope. Our response of trust and faith must be just as real.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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