Reading out loud

Over the weekend, I recorded Melanie reading her new book out loud for an audiobook edition. (The book is online here.)

I’ve spent years closed up in a room, talking to a microphone, as a radio announcer. In that realm, live on the air, whatever falls off your tongue is the way folks are going to hear it. Recording an audiobook is different. There’s a chance to review and fix things.

Melanie seemed a bit surprised at how often she fluffed and tripped over the words she had written in her own manuscript. I kept telling her, “It’s normal, it’s normal.” What I meant, of course, was, “It happens to me, too.”

Years ago, I worked with a razor blade and magnetic tape to cut out those tongue tangles. These days, it’s the same only different, working with digital audio files on the computer. I punch the start button and replay the track, stopping every few minutes (sigh) to remove false starts and mistakes. I don’t want them there. Nobody wants them there. But, they’re there.

The reading sounds nice and smooth once this job is done. No one would probably ever know there had been a problem.

I am hoping that’s how the spiritual record of my life will be once Jesus has finished cleaning up and forgiving all the stumbles and clumsy steps where I took my eyes off him. That cleaned-up record will probably look wonderful, once all the mistakes and errors have been washed away. My life will probably look perfect, then. Not because I did it 100% right the first time. Jesus is just a perfect spiritual editor and producer. The Author and Finisher, you might say.



About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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4 Responses to Reading out loud

  1. That’s a very good analogy!

  2. Church Of Our Saviour says:

    Dear brother, Thank you for this latest note. Well intentioned, well articulated, and well worth reading AND digesting same. Pax et bonum, Edward+ (An avid reader of the postings!)

  3. Sally Richardson says:

    So good – touched my heart. May Jesus edit my life well. Doing my best not to have too much editing!!

  4. says:

    Great analogy! Enjoyed and I definitely will be sharing… Paula

    Sent from my iPad


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