Destroyed by ideals

One of the last things I wrestled with on my book, The Mystery of Faith, was how to finish it. I knew I had nothing more to say. But how to say that so a reader would know it was okay to toss the book aside and find something else to read?

After I had choked off the manuscript and stuck a band-aid on the last paragraph, I heard a Lenten talk by Fr. Gary Jackson. He warned about the danger of allowing our ideals to destroy a community (or a book, I thought). We’re apt to have some very strong desires about what we want to see in our relationships. If we can’t have it just the way we like, our mood craters. Our insistence on defining something that is probably out of our control is a recipe for murmuring. We end up chewing it ragged. Not pretty.

Fr. Gary reminded us that we’re called to do the works that Jesus was doing, and even more. We are co-workers, even co-creators, of the Kingdom reality being unveiled to all. But that is to say that we are not the sole workers or designers. Any push we make to have things go our way are bound to be counter-productive.

My beautiful dreams actually introduce discord into the master design.

Let us remember that there is a master design and we get to assist. Just not control. This is the day the Lord has made. We do our appointed part when we rejoice and are glad in it.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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