His eye is on the sparrow…

I am waiting with a friend who is fighting cancer. My friend has, I suppose, been learning patience while trusting all circumstances to Jesus and whatever His plan may be.

I think I may be learning patience in my prayers for my friend. My impulse is to turn to the promises of Jesus as our healer. By his stripes… I want to claim every one for my friend. But I am recognizing that a large part of my motivation is not because my friend is in any pain. I am being driven by my own pain, my anxiety, my loss of peace of mind. My faith in our Lord and Healer is being tested. So, are my prayers being stirred merely because I am uncomfortable about my friend’s terrible physical condition??

Maybe any motivation, even a selfish one, is acceptable if it drives me to pray. But I find myself catching my breath in mid-cry. Not my will… not my will… This is not about me. It is surely about the Author and Finisher and the work He is doing on His servant… for His servant.

It is a fearful thing to watch the Master purify the gold. I shrink back from that, trying to shield my own paltry deposit from the fire.

Lord, complete Your work. Complete the life you have breathed into my friend so that it is, at last, perfect. I pray for a completion of perfect rest. I pray for a perfect end to finish the long night’s journey.

Lord Jesus, the one You love is hurting. And I, unsure exactly what to ask, pray for my friend.

Update – August 23, 2013. This evening my friend woke up at last to a Real World with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The rest of us remain in Sleepy Land for awhile longer.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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2 Responses to Sparrows

  1. whcowley says:

    That was worth reading

  2. Candy Runyan says:

    You expressed, beautifully, what we, her friends, are thinking, feeling and praying.
    Thank you, Rick.

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