PDC at St Stephens

I’m sitting with parishioners from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Lakeland. They have been appointed to a Parish Discernment Committee to consider an aspirant to the diaconal ministry (that’s Ray, sitting on the left). I sit on the Commission on Ministry for our diocese and got the assignment to be the laison to the Committee at St. Stephen’s. At our meeting I reviewed the purposes and responsibilities they had in meeting with Ray to discern the will of the Lord Jesus for His Church in the matter.

I think of it as a very serious step all around and so I was not too surprised to learn obstacles had delayed some from attending. This was most obvious at the traffic accident I had passed by one block from the church. It involved one person who was supposed to be present for this meeting. She had been preparing to turn off the road into the church parking lot when a motorcyclist going 80 mph caught up with her and dinged her back bumper. She was only jostled. He took a short flight through the air and landed in the median. First reports were he would be okay. But with her nerves rattled over the accident (not her fault, of course), the rector told her to go back home and rest.

The fields are white unto harvest, Jesus declared. He instructed us to ask for laborers who would be willing to go into the field and reap. Yes, satan might try to trip them up and delay their arrival. So we prayed for the Lord’s direction and protection for His Church. We started our meeting late and still finished in plenty of time.

Pray for these brothers and sisters in their deliberations over the rest of the summer.


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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