You can blame me

Emphasis added, but without further comment:

Ellery Schempp, at 16 years of age in 1956, stayed in his seat while the rest of his high school class stood to recite the Lord’s prayer; he flipped through the Koran while his homeroom teacher recited ten verses from the Bible. What began as a quite protest in his Philadelphia high school became Supreme Court case Abington v. Schempp, which declared Bible readings and prayer in public schools unconstitutional.

“I was touched by the children here,” said Schempp recently after watching a fifty-year anniversary skit performed by 4-13-year-olds, reenacting his classroom protest. “First of all, I noticed that they didn’t know the Lord’s Prayer. You can blame me for that.” Today, Schempp is a Unitarian and self-proclaimed atheist and secular humanist.

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About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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