Washed away

Melanie and I tagged along with the youth group to Picassoz Art Cafe the other night. It’s a cafe so I figured there would be food.

But no. This is an ART cafe where you get to do quick projects in ceramic and then they send your masterpiece off to a kiln to bake it. A week later you get to pick it up and see the results of your labors. Melanie loved it. She hadn’t had a chance to do this since she was in high school.

When I heard about the kiln and delayed gratification of seeing the finished work I began to think the spiritual lesson in all this would be all about learning to wait patiently for the full revelation of the artist’s vision.

But there was actually something I found even more interesting as I watched that room full of young people intent on their craft and art. It came the moment I saw this:





I had thought all the colorful glazes these young artisans were putting on their ceramic projects were permanent. I had hesitated to try it myself because I doubted I could control my own fingers well enough to paint anything more than one solid blob of color. But it turns out there is a remedy if you make a mistake as you add all that color to the ceramic surface. As long as you haven’t put your project into the furnace and baked it, you can still wash off the glaze and try again

A do-over. You don’t get back the time you’ve spent so far. But you don’t have to just live with the evidence of your mistake, either. You can wash it away and do better next time.

I’m … grateful.

PS: there are other pictures from this outing at our church Facebook page!


About Deacon Rick

I am a retired Deacon in Lakeland Florida.
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